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All girls really look forward to their weddings.  They want to dress up to look their best.  Bollywood really serves as an inspiration to the modern day bride in terms of selecting their wedding dress.  Today girls still look at actors in b-town for inspiration. Lehengas are a popular choice amongst young brides today.  Designing lehenhas is truly an art and satomi south extensions are experts at selling designer lehengas.  Photographs are taken on the day of the wedding in bulk.  A bride would want to feature in these photographs wearing her dream lehenga.


Bridal lehengas for women

Your lehenga will act as a centerpiece of the whole day. That is why it is imperative to choose the best lehenga design. No need to take tension, there are a hundred designers who create beautiful designs of lehengas each day. The essence to complete your wedding shopping is to try out a number of designs, to gauge your body type and see what design suits you the most.  Satomi south extension is a famous lehenga designer boutique in Delhi.

Types of lehenga

There are multiple varieties of lehengas available in the market today for weddings.  These are

  • The circular lehenga is an old and traditional design. It is worst for women with slim waits.
  • A mermaid fishtail lehenga is a popular design, which imitates mermaids and is worst for heavy bottomed women.
  • The paneled lehenga is a horizontal lehenga that consist of panels of fabrics to increase the volume. It is worst for pear shaped and too thin women.
  • A-line lehenga design is the most popular design and is perfect for tall women.

 Popular Trends of 2015

Providing a contemporary twist to the traditional ballroom lehenga has become a recent trend. The ballroom lehenga is made in a very interesting way. It combines yards of perfect tulle and net combined under an embellished silk to create a dramatic outfit.  A fun fact about ballroom lehengas are that they are called so because they create a Victorian effect that help distinguish you from others. Colors such as maroon, red and vermillion are popular color trends being followed these days.  These colors are synonymous with the traditional Indian wedding. Recent wedding have seen brides wearing velvet and brocade material on their lehenas as part of a new fashion statement.  It is one of the most luscious fabrics and when it is worn the right way can create a truly spectacular image.

A lehenga is dress which helps to accentuate your personality.  A lehenga when worn properly will bring out the best in you. That is why it is imperative that you must conduct the right amount of research before picking out the lehenga of your choice. Be sure to read reviews and online descriptions of lehengas and designer boutiques before going out in to the field to buy a lehenga.  There are many patterns of lehengas, which are popular amongst the younger generation. Floral prints, cream colored and gold lehengas and pastel colours are popular amongst young brides of today.  Prices of lehengas should be compared before going ahead to make a purchase.